Super Bowl Slackliner

At Sender Films, we’re always trying to discover new on-screen talent, and snag the penniless unknowns living in their cars before they become big stars and headline makers. We’ve watched with pride as folks like Alex Honnold and Timmy O’Neill have gone on to worldwide media fame after first appearing in a Sender productions.

When we decided to make a film about Andy Lewis, the slackline master and star of REEL ROCK’s “Sketchy Andy” film, we knew we could rely on his major athletic talent and a bombastic personality to deliver a crazy film. But we didn’t foresee that, several months later, he would be doing back flips at the Superbowl and getting smooched by the Material Girl in front of 115 million viewers. There was something about the dude with the Caligula outfit and golden fro (4,999 FB friends and counting) that really hit a collective American nerve. Suddenly Andy was the subject of CNN reports, Youtube responses and hilarious spoofs on Conan O’Brien and Saturday Night Live. Check out Andy Samberg’s impression at the end of this SNL skit:

Andy Lewis- Samberg on SNL

Congrats to Andy on his star turn, hope he still returns our calls.

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