On The Road With The Garmin Transitions Team

We just finished off an ad series for Clif Bar featuring the Garmin-Tranisitions Pro Cycling Team, currently running on a bunch of sites like velonews and Versus. Check em out! The next series will feature Ironman triathlete Chris McCormack.

Here are the all of the ads, up on Youtube:
“Natural Energy”

“The Journey”

“Organized Chaos”


Chasing Ueli

We just got back from a quick trip to Switzerland and the Dolomites, chasing alpine speed demon Ueli Steck around Europe on his breakneck schedule of training runs, climbing days, photo shoots, award ceremonies, and many, many cups of coffee. We are doing a cool film about Ueli for REEL ROCK 2010 that features some of the most spectacular alpine climbing footage ever seen, capturing his record breaking speed ascent on the Eiger and other north faces in the alps with a super high tech Cineflex camera mounted on a helicopter. It’s gonna be awesome! Here are a few pics from the trip.

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Sender Films and The North Face Team Battle ‘The Hulk’

On June 18th, Sender Films and Big Up crew Josh Lowell, Pete Mortimer, and Rob Frost headed into the High Sierra to team up with North Face climbers Lisa Rands and Peter Croft.

Jay Peery of Evolv climbing shoes and Hayden Kennedy were critical in helping us pull off a logistically challenging shoot. Jay organized a bunch of local characters to porter in supplies for his 5 star high country eatery, and Hayden was our rigging master who fixed 1300 feet of rope on Lisa and Peter’s objective- The Venturi Effect (12+), a towering and beautiful route that splits the middle of the Incredible Hulk.

Over the past several years, Croft has developed a love affair with this stand-out alpine cliff, and Lisa has been wanting to branch into different realms of climbing. Both of their climbing careers have focused on each end of the spectrum, Lisa being a boulderer, and Peter Croft legendary bold soloist and trad climber (who is still cranking).

At first glance an odd pick for a climbing team, yet Lisa genuinely wants to delve into new ground and has been getting schooled under Croft. Both climbers live in Bishop and have been zeroing in on doing something big together for some time. The Venturi Effect was the perfect challenge and is one of Peter’s finest high Sierra creations that he established in 2004 with Dave Nettle- it is high grade Astroman type quality, one of the best routes in the country for its grade and setting.

Afterward we all agreed that this trip is the exact reason why we all still do this labor of love- an awesome group of characters working hard to capture the soul and spirit of climbing in an amazing location.

Thanks to everyone who helped pull this mission off. now back to the edit. Stay tuned to see how it all played out.

- Robert Frost (Frostie)

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