Props for ‘The Sharp End’

Here are a few early media reviews for The Sharp End:

“The Sharp End drags you by your optic nerve through a heart-accelerating world tour with the craziest of a crazy breed … [The Sharp End] goes beyond adrenal overload and presents personality, forging an all-important connection between subject and audience. … The Sharp End gives enough story, scenery, and screaming-skull danger to hook salty old mountaineers, gym n00bs, and non-climbers alike.”
–Climbing Magazine

“WOW!!! That about sums up The Sharp End in one word. Other words that come to mind are incredible, mind-blowing and f@#% me! This movie makes the phrases ‘out there’, ‘run out’ and ‘muchos grande cahoonas’ take on a whole new meaning … Definitely a cut above the rest. Get it now and be prepared!”
–SA Mountain Sport Magazine

“The Sharp end” takes us on a journey all over the world, but more importantly into the minds of the players who needs to visit the danger zone to get their fix….Sender films delivers. This film WILL make your fingertips sweat, and we all know that says it all.”

“Combined with its consistently outstanding footage of some of America’s best adventure climbers in action, ‘The Sharp End’ is a captivating, provocative, and visually stunning film. It will surely be of much interest not just to climbers, but to anyone interested in the subject of risk and motivation in adventure sports.”

We get lots of emails around this time of year, when the new film has had a chance to settle and our audience sends us email. We love the feedback, even the critical stuff, if only to remind us that we are not alone out here, screaming into the void. So we figured we would publish a few of the more colorful comments. This first one’s got a philosophical bent.

“Loved the film. To see people doing such exceptional and daring things leaves me wondering what the hell I’ve been doing with my life … Climbing is certainly a poignant encapsulation of the human condition – escape and enlightenment manage to coexist; a willingness to risk death is your best shot at fully living. “
–LeeAnn, Boulder

Here is something from one of our idols:

“I was really impressed. Exciting stuff. expertly presented.”
– John Long, Yosemite legend

This one wins for sensuality:

“I received my copy of the sharp end last night and watched it through three times. I seriously have to congratulate you guys on the most solid climbing presentation with the best, most passionate theme I have seen to date. My expectations were exceeded time and time again. My skin was tingling after watching the movie, just like finishing a big runout.”
–Matthew, Utah

And this one for the broken-english glory of it all:

“Hallo Peter and the hole sender film team … I bought the sharp end dvd and I have to say it´s more than a climbing movie for me, it´s art of work.”
–Michael, Austria

And this one because it just takes it one step further:

“This is not just a great movie. This is not just a piece of art. This is something, and I’m so sorry but I can’t find the words how good this really is…”
–Frederik, Sweden

Thanks everyone, and please keep writing to us! We promise to respond and post it on the blog when we can.

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