Last night, The Sharp End premiered at the launch of the 3rd Annual REEL ROCK Film Tour at the Boulder Theater. Woohoo!

All 1,000 tickets sold out so fast we added a second night. The crowd was huge and rowdy and ready for action. And that’s what they got: three hours of cutting edge films, gear give-aways, and straight up partying. The rain-spewing Gore-Tex/Windstopper mobile test chamber was out front, a burly pull-up contest ensued, free shwag rained down from the stage, the beer flowed and the lights went down for the show.

The program began with the unveiling of the REEL ROCK contest winners. To our delight, we had an awesome collection of entries and winners in this first year of the contest (the response to the Judges Choice Award winner “Chalk It Up” was particularly raucus).

Then came a hit list of shorts from some of the hottest films of the year: ‘The Aerialist’ by local Brad Lynch and visionary Dean Potter; On Sight, great new film out of the UK by Alastair Lee, Grand Canyon Walls by Pete and Josh, and Big Up’s wild South Africa bouldering.

The films were broken up by a typically mayhem-filled gear giveway with Timmy O’Neill going dangerously extemporaneous on the mike.

Then came the feature film: ‘The Sharp End’, which we were working on until midnight before the big premiere, because Dean Potter flew in from The Eiger at the last minute to hand-deliver tape of a mind-blowing BASE free solo fall. And it all came off great. We are super thankful to all the amazing climbers and jumpers who made this film possible, to the gret support of our sponsors, and to a thousand other people who helped us long the way. Now if you’ll excuse us, we’re going to crash out for about a week.





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