Killer Base Line

(photo credit: Steph Davis)

When we heard Dean Potter was out in Utah trying to do the first “base line,” we didn’t know what it was, but we wanted to shoot it. Whatever Dean is up to, it tends to be wild. And this would be no exception.

The B.A.S.E. line, it turns out, is the first attempt to walk a very long slackline – 180 feet in this case, the longest Potter has ever walked – with no safety leash, and only a B.A.S.E. rig to protect from a 400-foot splatter into the talus below.

We pitched The New York Times on this act of visionary climber extremism, and the paper sent a curious reporter up to the rim of Hell Roarin’ Canyon outside Moab, where Dean, accompanied by wife Steph Davis and filmmakers Brad Lynch and Jim Hurst, had rigged the airy one inch- spectra and was attempting to bust out the B.A.S.E. line. Check out The Times website for our video and the accompanying article in the newspaper of record.

Here is the video. Its titled “A Walk in the Clouds.”

Here is the article

Dean Bailing
(Photo credit: Steph Davis)

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