Alpinist Film Fest


Last weekend was the 3rd annual Alpinist Film Fest, and as every year it was a total kick in the pants. The theme is snow, surf and stone, one night of each. The surf night was top-notch with 2 amazing films: ‘Sliding Liberia,’ a doc about surfing, travel and a heartbreakingly broken country in Africa, and ‘Bra Boys,’ about an infamously tough but good-hearted surf gang in blue-collar Sydney.

We showed a short segment from our upcoming film ‘The Sharp End’ on Stone Night. The piece, entitled ‘Diamonds are Forever’, features Steph Davis free soloing the Diamond’s Pervertical Sanctuary (5.11-) and free soloing and BASE jumping off Castleton tower in the desert. Steph presented and she had the audience in awe. The film won the Audience Award and Steph stole the show. A great night, and a great festival.


Pete filming Steph’s free solo on the Diamond

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