The Malaysian Chicken Dance

The Crown Prince

Hey guys,

I (Nick) just got back from Malaysia, where I met up with our college buddy and climbing filmmaker Rob Frost to shoot with David Lama and the Mammut crew (the group from the Thailand deep water soloing segment in First Ascent). We were the honored guests of a Crown Prince who pulled out all the stops — announcing us at soccer games, holding press conferences, and repeatedly obliging us to take part in an exceedingly goofy thing called the “chicken dance.” The Prince (pictured below) did a first ascent of a 5a and even lent us a helicopter from the Royal Malaysian Air Force for some cool aerial shots. Lama and the gang, together with some very talented local Malaysian climbers, put up some spectacular limestone FA’s, and we captured the whole thing — including the chicken dance — for an upcoming Mammut video. All agreed it was one of the most surreal climbing trips we’ve ever been on!

Here’s an article about us in Malaysia’s national newspaper.
Stay tuned for more trip reports: Pete leaves in a couple days for Venezuela with Chris Sharma and the BigUp Productions crew to shoot a segment for our upcoming film, “Chris Sharma’s King Lines”.

Lama sending a “root”

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