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Sender Films has taken the lemming-like plunge into the blogosphere.

Here you will find a running monologue on life at Sender Films: production news, tour and special event info, internecine office battles, drunken late night musings, etc. It may not always be coherent. But it will definitely not be the WORST blog out there.

To save ourselves some work, we are also trying to Tom Sawyer some of you people to send us contributions we can publish.

In our first entry, we have included letters of praise (and a little critique) for our new film, First Ascent, from two legendary climbers:

Steve Roper, Yosemite pioneer, author of the classic Camp 4

Hi, Nick and Pete. Got my First Ascent copy today. Many thanks. I
immediately looked at your film. Magnificent!! I was entranced–and glad I’m no
longer doing this scary shit. It was scary enough back when … One might argue that your film is too “sensational,” so different from a normal climber’s experience. But I guess that’s the point: we long for sexy action to offset our wretched, mundane lives. Anyway, keep it up, as they say. Long live Mortimer and Rosen! Steve

(Both of us are reading Roper’s Camp 4 right now – it is the seminal Yosemite history and a great read).

From Ed Webster, Black Canyon pioneer, author

I got the DVD of First Ascent. I really, really, really enjoyed watching it the other evening… I never knew climbers could fall from such heights — and live !! … Where climbers have to go to seek firsts is much farther ” out there ” than in my day. We didn’t have to look quite so hard…. Any way, I am very psyched to have had several of my best photographs included in your film. FIRST ASCENT is a classic that will stand the test of time. If you ever are out here in Maine, please look me up.

With very best wishes, Ed

(Ed’s photographs were a key part of the still images in First Ascent, from the “History of First Ascents” skit and the Black Canyon segment.)


Ed Webster in the Black

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